SMARTBoard and Thinking Blocks

Sites like Thinking Blocks should be placed front and center on your school's list of Internet resources that work great on your SMART Board Interactive Whiteboard. This site was developed by Colleen King as a way to model Mathematical problems related to Addition,  Subtraction, Multiplication,  Division,  Fractions,  and Ratios. 


This site guides students step-by-step through the process of modeling a word problem. The model drawing method is perfect for students aged 8-12 to develop more advanced Mathematical concepts and algebraic reasoning.

Thinking Blocks contains guided instruction videos that do a fantastic job of explaining the modeling process for each type of problem. Once students are familiar with the modeling process, they can go through a more guided instruction. Each section contains multiple types of problems along with an accompanying modeling solution.

Perhaps the best feature is the Modeling Tool where teachers and students can select what area and what type of problem to model. It contains a vast collection of word problems for the students to model, or teachers and students can make their own problem. When the problem is presented, students can use the tools to build their own model based on the problem type.

This site contains much, much more and teachers should spend some time familiarizing themselves with everything this site has to offer.

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