SMARTBoard and Some Sum Fun

Connectsums That's just about the silliest blog title I've ever used but I'll stick with it since I've been having a lot of fun using a simple little application called Connectsums.

The game is very simple. Students are presented with a target number and they have to select the correct combination of numbers that add up to the target number.

The game has options for using coins, digits, or dice when displaying the numbers and you can play using a timer or a countdown. It's really amazing how well this simple game can improve your ability to count change using coins. Since you're working against a timer, it challenges you to find the best combination to use in order to improve Sumsstackeryour time. This game is addicting and it definitely helps students recognize summation combinations. 

Another fun game that's also available for the iPhone/iTouch is Sumsstacker. This game requires you to drag and drop numbers (coins, digits, or dice) around until you have the correct sum for each column. Once again, this game is very addicting and it doesn't take long for students to start recognizing patterns. 

Both of these fun little applications work great on the SMART Board interactive whiteboard.

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