SMARTBoard and eflnet ESL and EFL Resources

Grammar The eflnet ESL and EFL Resource page has an amazing collection of Language Arts review activities designed for TOEFL preparation. These interactive review activities are fantastic assessment tools in any classroom.

I can think of a myriad of uses for these resources including using them as a quick starter activity. When used with the SMART Board, they can definitely help to increase engagement while assessing student understanding.

The activities are mostly multiple-choice review questions that provide instant audio and visual feedback although some activities require keyboard input. Most of the review activities in each topic area go from beginner to advanced and most activity groups contain 10 questions.

I used something similar in my classroom when playing "last one standing." It was a review activity that I did half way through a block session to assess understanding. I created two teams and each team would take turns answering a series of 10 questions. When one member of a team missed, someone else from the other team would continue. When the 10 review questions were complete, the team that was standing got 10 bonus points. We would then begin the next set of questions. This game would have been even better if I had a SMART Board in my classroom at the time.

Firefox users can use the Flash Game Maximizer Add-on to remove the ads and make the activities fit on the entire SMART Board.

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