SMARTBoard Blog Report #4

Good morning! Some of you may have noticed that I’ve been away for a week. I’ve been working on some big projects and decided to take a week off from my blog. This was such a mistake! I miss perusing the Internet for great resources for your SMART Board.

Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of great SMART Board resources being shared through blogs like Teachers Love SMART Boards.

1. The Whiteboard Blog by Danny Nicholson. Danny continues to provide some outstanding resources to use on your interactive whiteboard. I also like that Danny often shares High School Science resources. Today’s blog post highlights a great chemistry lesson for the SMART Board that helps with balancing equations.

You can find a lot more of these resources on his Think Bank website.

2. Here’s a blog called Smart Ideas for SMART Board Integration by Angie Bunday. This is a great resource for SMART Board users. If you send her a note, maybe she’ll include my blog in her list of SMART Board resources! :o)

3. Here’s another blog that has some good SMART Board resources called ed-Tech Ninja. Not only will you find some great Notebook lesson files here, you’ll also find other great resources for the SMART Board. The latest post on this site is called Telling Time and it includes a Smart Notebook file download.

4. While most of my readers know about the SMARTBoard Lesson Podcast site from Ben and Joan, it’s always worth another mention. This week’s podcast is about Point of View and includes a wonderful Notebook lesson created by Joan. In addition, you can hear my tip for converting Text to Speech and they share a great website that includes interactive Physics activities.

Sharing is Caring!

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