SMARTBoard Games and Puzzles from Jefferson Lab

Jl_ The U.S. Department of Energy's Office of Science funds the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility also known as Jefferson Lab. Part of Jefferson Lab's mission is to "serve the nation and its communities through education and public outreach."  In connection to that mission, they have developed a wonderful collection of teacher resources dedicated to Math and Science teachers.

SpeedmathThe Online Games and Puzzles section contains so many useful  interactive resources that you'll want to take some time to explore everything that they have to offer. These activities work great on the SMART Board interactive whiteboard.

Your students will get hooked on the "Who Wants to Win $1,000,000?" game as well as SpeedMath Deluxe. SpeedMath Deluxe presents a Math problem without any operators and the students need to select the correct operations to make the equation true.

Science teachers will love the Element Balancing and the Element Hangman activities and the Element Concentration game is really a great way to let your students have some fun at the SMART Board.

Teachers can use the interactive practice tests and select the number of questions, the type of questions, as well as the specific state standard strand (Virginia).

Please share these wonderful interactive resources with your technology department and the other Math and Science teachers in your school.

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