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Halloween Clip Art

I have compiled an extensive collection of Halloween-related clip art so you don't have to spend time looking all over the Internet.


Hangman – Fun graphics, more advanced word list. (3 stars)

Halloween Hangman – Good, simple hangman game for Halloween (3 stars)

Halloween Pairs Game – Zoomable and very easy to use (4 stars)

Halloween Word Search – Good interactive word search. Might be a little small to use (3 stars)

Stacking Pumpkins Game – Might be a fun way to reward your students (3 stars)

Halloween Math Games for K-6 – Great games courtesy of the Oswego City School District

The Hallowman House – A hangman-type game for Hallowe'en (middle / high)

PBS Kids Halloween Collection – Lots of games and activities from PBS Kids.

Spelloween – Practice your spelling by identifying correctly and incorrectly spelled words. You may want to bypass the part that asks you to type the word correctly since this is difficult to do on the SMART Board (middle / high).

Frankenbrain – Find the brain if you dare! (primary / middle)

Halloween, Halloween, What do You See? – Primary reading activity based on the famous book series (primary)

Jigsaw Puzzles

Animated Bat Jigsaw Puzzle – Fun puzzle. Works great on the SMART Board (4 stars)

Bat Jigsaw Puzzle – Another bat jigsaw puzzle created from Jigzone (3 stars)

Halloween Jigsaw Puzzle – More good puzzles created from Jigzone (3 stars)

Winnie the Pooh Jigsaw Puzzle – More good puzzles from Jigzone (3 stars)

Informational Activities

Halloween Safety Game – Fun game to play to educate your students about trick-or-treating (4 stars)

Interactive Halloween History Quiz – Nice game from the BBC (middle)

History Channel's History of Halloween – Some nice resources including videos and slideshows. (all grades)

5 Minute English – ESL History of Halloween includes vocabulary with an online Halloween quiz.

Create Your Own Activities

A Horror Movie – Create your story by picking words. You'll have to type in the words. (3 stars)

Creepy Coloring – Have fun coloring in a pumpkin (primary).


Carve a Pumpkin – The best online interactive pumpkin carving site. You'll love this! (primary)

Monster Band – Create your own band! This is a flash file that can also be inserted into Notebook.

Notebook Resources

Halloween Jokes – A Notebook file containing 10 different Halloween jokes. Lots of fun for the kids.

Wizard Spell Ordering Numbers – Have the Wizard conjure up five numbers and then use a counter-spell and place the numbers into the correct order. (Shared by Peggy DuBose)

Halloween Word Search Riddle – Who started the tradition of Halloween? (Celts)

Halloween Word Search Riddle – Where do baby ghosts go during the day? (Dayscare)

Halloween Ghost Countdown – Keep track of correctRandom1 answers using this fun Notebook countdown that announces a winner after five correct answers (4 stars)

Halloween Random Number – Generate a random number and student say whether it is less than, equal to, or greater than the late great Lucius Creven who died at the age of a hundred seven.

TeqSmart Halloween Word Bucket (Notebook Gallary item) – Create fun and interactive sorting activities, word lists, Foreign language activities, math fact reviews, and more with a Halloween theme.

Halloween Sound Files

All the sound files below are in mp3 format and can be imported in Smart Notebook

Ghoul Laugh

Evil Laugh

Monster Mash (song)

Monster Snarling

Monster Cry

Next Time (fun & scary negative feedback)

Real Heart Beat

Screaming Female


Tortured Person Screaming

Werewolf Howl

Witch Cackle

Woman Scream

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