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Abcteach_thumb People familiar with already know that this is perhaps the best online resource available for all types of educators, including teachers, parents, and homeschoolers.

abcteach has a free resource section that contains literally thousands of free downloadable resources that you can use instantly. I especially like the amazing abctool generators that allow you to create custom documents quickly and easily. While adding your own content to the tool generators is a feature for members only, you can still customize things like instructions, fonts, colors, as well as other basic settings. Some of the abctools Generators include Bingo, Missing Letter, Word Search, Spelling, Unscramble, Word Wall, and even Crossword generators.

Teachers who love SMART Boards will also find a growing library of interactive Smart Notebook files organized into easy-to-find categories. I'm amazed at how many of these activities are available without a membership and the amount of content is growing everyday.



While the library of free resources available at is staggering, it's nothing compared to what's available to the members of abcteach. Readers of my blog know that I never promote paid sites. However, when I asked abcteach if they could provide a special discount for my readers, they gave me an exclusive limited-time promotion code for 25% off their one-year subscription. This means that readers of Teachers Love SMART Boards can get access to everything at for only $29.99.

While I do not get paid to promote abcteach, I highly recommend becoming a member, especially for teachers who have a SMART Board in the classroom. I can honestly say that provides some of the most amazing interactive content for your SMART Board that I've ever seen.

Click here to watch a video tour about the abcteach member site or to become an member. Use promotion code TLSB2010 to receive your 25% discount off the one-year subscription.

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