SMARTBoards and Holiday Word Search Activities

Christmaswordsearch1 If you're looking for some fun activities this Holiday Season, you can download, share, and use the following custom Word Search Notebook activities.

Each one has a riddle or a question hidden at the top of the word search puzzle. To find the answer, students use the Highlighter Pen in the Notebook Toolbar to find the words in the list. After all the words are highlighted, the answer is found by taking the first unused letters starting from the top-left of the puzzle. Each puzzle has a solution page and a reveal answer feature.

If you would like step-by-step instructions on how to create your own custom word search puzzle in Smart Notebook, you can take the Notebook Application – Custom Word Search Course on the Teacher Online Training Notebook training system. It's effective, affordable, and fun!

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Here are the word search files. Please use the Chrome or Firefox Browser to download or open the files since IE and Safari often times have difficulties recognizing the file formats.

Custom Christmas Word Search / Riddle Puzzles

How many reindeer guide Santa's sleigh? (eight)

Polar Express: What advice does the conductor give? (Believe)

*Recommended* What do all these words help us achieve? (peace)

How long should a reindeer's legs be? (Just long enough to reach the ground)

Who sang praises from on high? (the heavenly host of angels)

Who are the "Six White Boomers" (Kangaroos pulling Santa's sleigh)

Who led Santa through the Wintery Snow to deliver packages to young children? (Rudolph)

Qu'est-ce que le Père Noël aime manger? (les buscuits)

What does Santa have that's red as a cherry? (his nose)

Wie heißt der Abend vom 24. Dezember? (Heiligabend)

In what country do people write letters to Father Christmas? (England)

Why is a SMART Board smart? (It's smart because no one is bored)

Something to think about other than gifts during the holidays (Your health)

One last resource is a ESL/ELL Christmas Flash-Card application created in Notebook 10. I also put in a custom word search puzzle on the last few pages. Enjoy!

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