SMARTBoards and Fraction Interaction

My last blog post highlighted a wonderful site for reviewing procedural methods for solving fraction, decimal, and percent problems. Here are a few other interactive sites that I found that help students understand and communicate using fractional notation. These all work great on an SMART Board.

Missionmagnetite The first one resource is called Mission Magnetite from PBS Kids Go Cyberchase. This activity is actually categorized as a lesson on percents but I like using the resource when learning about fractions since it represents fractions as both a decimal and as an image. The lesson is simple enough to use and can be used in a myriad of ways by the classroom teacher to help students recognize fractional relationships. 

The second resource is called Flitting With FlittingfractionsFractions from Learning Media of New Zealand. It's a wonderfully engaging activity that challenges students to select all the butterflies that have a given attribute and place them into a jar. They then have to provide the fractional value of the number of butterflies that are in the jar. Once again, it's a very simple activity but it's very effective.

The last two resources are actually interactive fraction tools that allows the user to visualize fractions of rectangles and circles.

Circlefraction The Circle Fraction tool allows the user to divide a circle into 1-12 sections and then select how many sections are highlighted by touching on the section. I actually use this site a lot since you can easily change colors of the sections and you can control the number of sections. It's a great tool for comparing fractions that have different denominators. I highly recommend using the screen capture tool in Notebook to capture various fractional images.

The Rectangle Fraction tool lets you manipulate various rectangles of the same size to see how they compare to each other when divided into different number of sections. This is a fantastic tool to help students visualize how fractions with different denominators relate to each other.

These sites are definitely worth sharing.

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