SMARTBoards and Spell a Picture

Awesome! This is the best word to describe all the wonderful activites on the Kerpoof website. I've recommended this site once before and I'm happy to report that it keeps getting better.

I've been utilizing a new activity they have call Spell a Picture. It's such an incredible learning tool for the classroom and it's highly engaging. Your students will be begging to come to the SMART Board to spell out words.


As the student begins spelling out a word by touching one of the letters, different pictures appear on the page that begin with that letter. As the student touches more letters, pictures become larger if they are being spelled correctly. Students can click and drag a letter to remove it if they make a mistake.

When they spell a word correctly, an arrow points to a picture to let them know that they can add it to the page. Once they add a word, they can move it around the page. You can even spell some action words like "chat" and "sing" to provide some action from the characters on the page.

Teachers can use this activity in many different ways and it works great on the SMART Board interactive whiteboard. The website is free to use although they have some membership options that might be appealing to some teachers.

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