SMARTBoards and Lessons for the Kindergarten Classroom

    Someone recently sent me a nice email that said, "A lot of people can talk about "sharing is caring", but you actually put it into practice."

    Believe it or not, that's one of the nicest things anyone could ever say to me. That means I'm doing it right and following my belief that, "the secret of success is not in the hording of information but in the sharing of information."

    When I use the word "success," I'm not just talking about me, I'm talking about everyone involved in the sharing process! When you share information, you not only increase your ability to be successful, you also increase the the ability of the people you share it with. What a marvelous concept!

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With this thought in mind, I would like to introduce you to someone who really knows how to put the concept of "sharing" into practice. Her name is Nicole Mobley and she has compiled an amazing collection of SMART Notebook lessons. Here's what she wrote on her about page:

Obviously someone with way too much time on their hands, right? 🙂 In truth, my name is Nicole Mobley and I am a kindergarten teacher at Sandlapper Elementary in Columbia, SC.

I got a SMART Board 2 years ago and started making lessons at night after my daughter went to bed! Since then, I have become a SMART Exemplary Educator, allowing me to attend many conferences with SMART Tech.

I have learned to much and love to share what I've already done. I figure there's no sense in keeping it all to myself!

I hope you enjoy my lessons! THANKS FOR VISITING!


If you have a few seconds, why not sign Nicole's guest book and tell her "thank you" for sharing all her wonderful lessons. Thanks for Sharing Nicole!

Sharing is Caring!

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