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  • SMARTBoards and Sharing Is Caring – Art

    I hope that this week’s Sharing Is Caring examples have inspired you to begin sharing some of your knowledge and resources with other teachers who are working so hard to make a difference in the lives of others.
    This isn’t just about helping teachers – it’s also about setting an example for your students. Students want to create and share what they do with others. This is a natural tendancy of the human spirit. Instead of stifeling this natural trait, let’s embrace it!
    Today’s example of Sharing Is Caring is an blog called ArTechTivity by Ms. Cynthia Gaub. Ms. Gaub teaches art and technology at North Middle School in the Everett School District. This blog is such a great example of what a teacher can do to help her students perform at their highest potential and is one of the best examples of a student-centered resource.