Why Teachers Love SMART Boards

In 2007, I created a WallWisher Wall called Why do Teachers Love SMART Boards and asked teachers to write a short comment on why they loved their SMART Board. I revisited the Wall today and was astonished to find over 150 comments.

This information should be shared with other teachers. Unfortunately, the Wall is filled with so many wonderful comments that it’s hard to read. Here is a pdf file containing all the comments. You can view it right here (see below) or you can view it using Google Docs.


This file is a wonderful way to get some ideas on how other teachers are using the SMART Board or it could be used to help persuade your school to get you your very own interactive whiteboard.

WallWisher is a great site to create your private wall of information. You can then share the web address of your Wall so others can view and/or add content. It’s a fantastic tool for teachers.

Sharing Is Caring!


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