Find Your Position on the SMART Board

plot-astic2I have THREE great resources for the Smartboard related to coordinates and plotting points.

The first resource is an interactive Smart Notebook file I created called Plot-astic: Underwater Fish. This activity lets students plot points on a coordinate plane to generate an outline of a fish. When the last point is plotted, the fish magically appears and swims off the page. Plot-astic is very easy to use and it’s a great way to get your students to actively participate at the beginning of the year.

Click the Download button to download Plot-astic: Underwater Fish.


The second resource is a simple but handy web-based Coordinate Plane worksheet generator from the Math Worksheet Site that creates pdf files of coordinate planes to print for your students or display on your SMART Board. When you generate the pdf files, you can view them from your computer use them inside Smart Notebook. (This site has a lot of additional resources for creating worksheets.)

Another great resource for your whiteboard is the free graph paper page from the PCMan website. It’s meant to be a way to print graph paper, which it does, but I use it as a way to fill the entire Smartboard with grids of different sizes and colors.

These are great resources for any Math teacher so I hope you’ll share them with other teacherss in your school!

Sharing is Caring!

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