The Green Snoop Monster Activity

green-snoop-monsterHere’s a fun K-2 activity for the SMART Board called The Green Snoop Monster that helps students recognize relationships between numbers, number words, object quantities, and simple expressions.

The activity contains 10 different pages that increase in difficulty by introducing values and green-monster-with-eyesquantities using different number models. On each page, students are asked to “Snoop” for the smallest value in the set. Number lines are provided on each page to help solidify the relationship between the values.

The activity provides immediate feedback on student selections and purple Snoop Stars are awarded for each correct answer.

Click the Download button to download the Smart Notebook file.




The file was created in SMART Notebook Version 15 for Windows. If you experience any difficulties using the activity, please leave a comment. Make sure you indicated what version of Notebook you’re using and what specific issues you’re having. I’ll try to resolve them right away.

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  1. James Hollis

    I just changed the activity to use a different font since some operating systems didn’t have the font I used installed on their computer. If you had this problem, you can download the file again.

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