Punctuation on the SMARTBoard Saves Grandma

Well, that’s a silly title to a blog post. How can punctuation save Grandma? This saying comes from a picture I saw on Facebook. It should remind all teachers why we do what we do…we’re out there trying to save Grandma!

After I saw this picture, I was motivated to find an interactive punctuation/grammar resource for teachers who love SMART Boards. After lots of Google searching, I finally found a site worthy to blog about. The resource is called Road To Grammar and its one of the best interactive grammar sites I’ve seen.

This site contains a total of 365 interactive grammar quizzes, eight games, and twelve extended activities. All activities are interactive and work really well on the SMART Board. My favorite extended activity is called Take Fake. This activity has you select words that rhyme with the given word and it provides audio of how each word is pronounced. This is a great feature for the ESL classroom.

When you start digging into the site you’ll find some really awesome features including PDF versions of all the quizzes as well as a tool to create your interactive quiz with their Quiz Creator Tool. Here’s a link to a quiz I created that reviews the plural form of words.

Did I mention that there is also a Junior edition?

Please share your ideas on using this site.

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