VocabAhead and the SMARTBoard

I’m really excited about a wonderful Vocabulary learning and review site called VocabAhead. This site is developed as a resource for students to learn some of the more difficult vocabulary words found on the SAT, GRE, or ACT tests. It’s a wonderful site to use on your SMART Board.

This site contains an amazing collection of over 1000 videos that provides the definition of a word and then provides a fun real-world example of how the word is used. Teachers can create customized lists and share them with students or they can choose from hundreds of shared lists created by other teachers. The Study Room provides an easy way to choose which list to study and has options for reviewing the videos, reviewing flash cards, or reviewing in a quiz format.

The quiz format is fantastic. It displays a word from the selected list one at a time and provides the user with a multiple-choice selection of possible definitions. It even has a hint option that displays an single picture depicting the word. As you go through the list of words, it keeps track of correct and incorrect answers and allows the user to go back to any word for a review of what they selected.

I encourage teachers to create their own special list called “My Widget” which will allow them to embed their personal vocabulary list on their teacher blog (instructions found here). They can then provide the web address of their blog post to the students so they can review the words outside of the classroom. This is definitely a great way to add to your student-centered resources. By the way, did I mention that this site is free!

Here is a custom list I created for reviewing words that begin with the letter ‘Q.’


Please share this fantastic interactive vocabulary site with the other teachers in your school.

Sharing Is Caring!

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