Smart Charts on the SMARTBoard

If you’re looking to spice up your Math class with an interactive and engaging way to create graphs, you may want to pop over to the new website. Their tagline is, “simple & interactive charts online.” After experimenting (playing) for over an hour creating various types of charts, I absolutely agree with their tagline.

This site provides a nice way for you and your students to create and publish interactive graphs using your own data and the site currently has 25 different types of graphs that you can create. Not only can you create interactive Bar, Line, and Pie Charts, but you can also create Venn Diagrams, Scatter Plots, and Organizational Charts. If you really want to have a little fun, you can have your students create a gauge chart or one of the eight different mapping options.

Not only are the graphs very easy to create but many of the final graphs are interactive which means you can touch on various parts of the graph to display or highlight the data.

This is really a powerful site that can be used in a myriad a ways to help your students understand how to enter, analyze, and interact with visual data. When a graph is completed, it is published with a unique web address. You can even embed the graph directly into your own website. I have included three examples below. Don’t forget to click on various parts of the pie and bar chart. You can also interact with the map as you normally would with Google Maps.

Please share this with the other teachers at your school and don’t forget to leave a comment if you think of a great way to include this resource in one of your lessons.

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