SMARTBoards and Sharing Is Caring – Chemistry

Here's is one of the best examples of a teacher sharing SMART Board resources. It's a Wiki called IWBchemistry that was created by Dr. Elizabeth Christophy.


This amazing wiki is focused on sharing High School Science resources with other teachers and students. Dr. Christophy has even put together a page for her AP Chemistry students containing review files created by her students. In my opinion, there is no better way to increase learning than to involve your students in the creation of learning material.

If you let students be responsible for their own learning, you'll see miracles happen.

When I went to the site this morning, I was pleasantly surprised to see Dr. Christophy mention Teacher Online Training as a way to learn some simple but effective techniques for creating your own custom Notebook lessons. Thanks Elizabeth and nice use of the Magic Cat's Eye technique!

If you find Dr. Christophy's resources helpful, please comment to this post to let her know that you appreciate all her hard work. Dr. Christophy is such a great example of a teacher who believes…

Sharing Is Caring!



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