SMARTBoards and Sharing Is Caring – Mathematics

600px-Math.svg The Mathematics edition of a teacher demonstrating the concept of Sharing Is Caring was a no-brainer. It's Jim Reed's Home Page containing an amazing collection of High School Mathematic resources. Mr. Reed's Math Resource page has been awarded The Teacher's List Top Ten Award.

Not only does Mr. Reed share one of the most incredible collection of online Web Resources, he has personally created an extensive collection of interactive resources that he shares willingly with teachers and students from anywhere in the world.

Mr. Reed is a teacher at a public school in Edmonton, AB called The Argyll Centre. I would like to invite anyone interested in how to model technology use in the school to help students learn to read Argyll's Use of Technology page.

Please Pay It Forward and share this teacher-created resource with your school's Middle School and High School Mathematics teachers. That's the absolute best way to express your belief in…

Sharing Is Caring!


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