SMARTBoard and Starfall – A Perfect Combination

Starfall_wordhunt Learning To Read.

Teachers know that learning to read and learning to enjoy reading is one of the most important skills for Pre-K through 2nd Grade students. Trying to locate high quality reading resources for the SMART Board classroom can be very frustrating. In addition, too many interactive sites are riddled with advertisements or are too costly to use for the average teacher. The answer for many teachers is Starfall.

After all these years, Starfall continues to be the leader in providing high quality and engaging reading activities that work great on the SMART Board. Not only that, students will love being able to use the same activities and resources at home.

If you're a primary school teacher, you should really get the word out to all your parents about this site. One of the best things about Starfall is that it is free of advertising. Advertising is becoming a huge concern for teachers looking for online resources and Starfall has done a great job avoiding this educational pitfall. Instead of placing advertisments all over their site, Starfall created an affordable membership area containing additional resources.

Starfall has a lot of little extras including a complete Scope and Sequence Listing to help teachers identify which reading unit to use. It provides a detailed description of each story (unit) and summarizes the unit objective and provides detailed information and print resource links for each activity.

To get you started, here are a couple quick links to some fun activities on the Starfall site:

* Let's Make a Calendar (perfect for Back-To-School activity)

* Word Hunt – I just love this activity that lets the student choose a descriptive word and an action to word to complete sentences and complete a short interactive story. 


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